where's the lie?

I just sit back and as one man just watch it unfold.. Both sides are guilty of fucking with both of our freedoms and I'm greatful for being born in America but things like taking guns away because of mass murder will make us defenseless if we'd be invaded by another country. We need neutral people that see reason and long thought out scenarios instead of those that only do it for political gains and its clear that the balance between democracy and these rights and fights is what makes us the greatest country in the world without even taking the fight elsewhere to truly see how it could be better. I agree with you with some things but to truly believe anything that benefits ONLY one party is backtracking on progress we as a country are making and the only things we should be focusing on is helping everyone in our country financially and helping other countries that need the proper tools advance their system without it effecting our systems and the growth of our society because one day the enemy will land on our soil and it'll make our heads spin and without having every living soul ready for that day is not progress in my eyes.

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