A season has less than 10 episodes now

Mortal Coil and Tuvix being a couple of notable exceptions.

Mortal Coil is glimpse into the Neelix behind the mask. The man had already lost just about everything he holds dear. Now his entire worldview, the faith kept him going, crumbles around him, and his friends on Voyager, the ones who he is desperate not to lose, are almost no help whatsoever. There is no moral. Just the pained resignation that the walls of the ship are all he has.

Tuvix is also quite the experience for Neelix, but it also shows precisely what Czar Janeway is capable of. She tries to justify her execution of this new life by “speaking for the dead,” ultimately holding Tuvix responsible for the deaths of Tuvok and Neelix. He begs the captain and crew for his life, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. No one comes to his defense, the captain has made up her mind. This is her ship, and she will eliminate anyone and everyone she has to in order to get what she wants.

Don’t even get me started on her actions in Equinox.

You gain a new understanding for Neelix once you realize just how shit his life truly is.

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