Real talk at work

So you just prove yourself to be stupid and resist yourself like the people you call out with no understanding or simply what you've been fed to by a media who sees a group of people who just simply want to live their lives away from overruling control and a little bit of Freedom granted some of the people who fall into that crowd get a little wild or crazy or may not be the most respectful of country boys if even that I what some May call wild-eyed Southern Boys oh no I'd say it's an unfair statement especially to some or the generalization of the South when the same can be said about a lot of people in the North who immediately take a stance because of what they heard without experiencing it I would say if that's the case and that black people have been ripped off forever in a day would that mean that if the white out black people are the inventors of country music and why people are taking their influences from there doesn't that mean that black people racist at heart if that's who originally sang those songs are wrote them by maybe Blues R&B and Jazz feel and somehow country came into the mix by white people but they're obviously stealing it from these black people or maybe the fact that a lot of these singer songwriters who had deep and great respect for the singer songwriter group and idolize to want to be like or would draw inspiration or would want to be like them but not me them in the sense of they realize being none is imitating them so much to the point where you sound like them through and through but are also using their same mannerisms and stealing their songs actually singing them but not only singing them but saying this is yours not generally as most if not all singer-songwriters who do this or have good morals behind them actually say or throw in the twang of the singer they idolized or a mannerism of the singer they idolized or the song they sang and before that song saying who sang it who wrote it and who might they have gotten it from as in the singer who sang it originally where they pulled it from and who sang it before the original singer say the singer who is paying tribute to their friend their friend sang a song they're going to sing that song too and sing it right now before that song they paid tribute to who sang it and why they're singing the song because their friend of them and also they like the song but also they want to have a memory of them and in doing so they're going to sing it they also may say the lineage of where their money got that song from who they sang it from or who originally sang it or who they took inspiration from to sing it or who they took inspiration from as a mannerisms of how to sing it or mannerisms as in who sang it what they did and the twang they put in there they may Trace back the lineage of who sang it originally or who came up with it and sang it and how they pulled inspiration from it to finally sing it or get their own twist on it or who sang it originally they were inspired by the different things and I'll put it together to be what it is now

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