I was behind an elderly woman at a red light. When the light changed her car didn't move for about 10 seconds or so. I could see that she was fiddling with something in the console. I'm not a honker and I wasn't in a hurry so I just sat there and staired at her through her center review mirror.

A truck was coming up and I could tell that he sped up when he noticed I wasn't moving. As we began moving, we picked up speed fast because she gunned it. The truck turned on his brights and came up on my rear really fast, did an aggressive lane change, then attempted to swerve around and cut me off but the woman's car was in the way. So, he guns it in front of the woman, slams on his break to make a right turn into a neighborhood street, forcing both of us to slam on our breaks.

I know, the guy in the truck thinks that both me and the woman are terrible drivers.

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