Those who have been caught masturbating or having sex how did you handle that? What happened?

Happened several times...

1) In high school, my boyfriend at the time was over at my parents’ house and everyone else was downstairs getting dinner ready. He was fingering me and my mom just walked in without knocking and 100% knew what was going on. We never addressed it lololol

2) Brother walked in on me masturbating, he totally saw me and I guess he said something to his gf because she joked about it later that week. Embarrassing but oh well. I walked in on him having sex with some chick he met in rehab when we were both in our 20s. Gross but I don’t really care. People have sex, it’s whatever.

3) I was masturbating using a dildo, having phone sex with my long-distance bf, under the covers one evening when I was living at home while going to college. Mom just walks right in and starts talking to me, so I stop in the middle of the things and, with dildo still in-place under the covers, am forced to have a conversation with my mother. I finally cop and attitude and tell her I’m on the phone and she interrupted me, so she starts asking who’s on the phone, how is he (my bf), tell him she said hi!!! Had to finally tell her to get out. That was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever had yo experience.

Moral of the story: nobody in my family knocks and it was a big problem when me and my brother were both still living at home and sexually active.

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