TIFU by brake checking a lunatic

I was going about 70mph and saw him attempting to pass me. I sped up to about 78mph

The "road rager" tried to pass him.

I know I'm guessing, but I'm very confident that OP was driving somewhere between 65-70 MPH on a 3+ lane highway in the left most lane (the lane designated for passing). OP decided that his speed is the only appropriate speed for the highway and did not allow the person behind him to pass. The "road rager" got upset (rightfully so) and decided to get on OP's ass (wrong thing to do). OP brake checked him (wrong thing to do) because OP is not a "road rager", just a passive aggressive driver, which is somehow different than a "road rager". Then the "road rager" attempted to pass him and OP FUCKING SPED UP TO 78 MPH TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING.

Now, his previously "safe" speed of around 70 mph (a speed that he had previously decided was the only speed acceptable for travel) is now obviously bullshit.

OP was traveling in what is commonly used as a "passing lane" (this is often lawfully enforced) at a speed of 70 mph. A car approached him from behind and he decided NOT to allow this vehicle to pass because he believes he is entitled to that lane as long as he is traveling at his "safe" speed. This is not how driving on the highway works.

The other guy (road rager) probably regularly encounters sacks of shit like OP on the highway. I know I do. It's really frustrating to be driving at 75-80 mph just to have someone else decide that you're not entitled to the same courtesies of the road as everyone else, never mind the fact that OP was probably not even obeying the law in the first place (depends on the state) and ultimately causing issues with other drivers intentionally.

Key point being that OP intentionally pissed off another driver because he felt entitled to the road. How is this not the definition of a "road rager"?

And why the fuck do so many people think it's okay to drive in the left most lane when you're not passing? It's not okay to do. And if you're going to brake check people and/or not let them pass, YOU ARE THE ROAD RAGER. You are the piece of shit causing problems.

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