TIL in 2014, an 89 year old WW2 veteran, Bernard Shaw went missing from his nursing home. It turned out that he went to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day landings against the nursing home's orders. He left the home wearing a grey mack concealing the war medals on his jacket.

It seems like OPs title is bullshit, I couldn't find any source on the home ordering him not to go and there's even a quote from him where he says they were trying to get him on an official trip.

Everyone had done their best for me. The staff at the care home had tried very hard to get me on an official trip.

The reason he sneaked out it seems is because even though he wasn't invited to the event, he decided he was going anyway. The reason it was necessary to have an invite was because there were several high profile people attending.

He sneaked into the actual event as well as no security stopped him, presumably because of his appearance, medals etc and he was about 100 years away from the Queen so he says.

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