TIL the interruptions caused by commercials cause people to enjoy TV shows even more, the pauses make us savor it.

There's a huge difference between state run broadcaster and public broadcaster.

Sure. They are all spelled differently. We have the same thing in the U.S. PBS. And the government can control what is on it at anytime just like with the BBC.

In fact, the public has much more control over a public broadcaster than the US public does over Comcast and TimeWarner and the other massive companies

You are also comparing broadcast companies with cable providers. Two different things. Impossible to compare comcast to the BBC. The BBC is on comcast and Time Warner. You try to insult me and say that I am not particularly knowledgeable about the subject but you write something like this? If you do not know the difference between a broadcast company and a cable provider I am not sure we can have debate at all. Just like some schmoe on here claimed that they got to watch Game of Thrones with no comercial and how wonderful that was. So do we. Its on HBO. You guys also pretend that no TV stations in England have commercials. THEY DO. Just like in the U.S. the Public broadcasting companies don't have commercials and are tax payer funded.

The Trust makes decisions about the future of the BBC in the best interests of the licence fee payer. As part of this, we regularly hold open consultations on subjects we are considering. These are usually related to a BBC service, although they can also be on other matters such policy statements about how the BBC operates. These consultations normally take the form of a questionnaire which allows us to ask the public specific questions before we take a decision. All submissions will be taken into accou

Sounds exactly like something the government says all the time.

You really think the public controls the BBC? Wow, Just wow. I guess after about 70 years of being force fed this kind of tripe you eventually believe it.

So it all boils down to the real argument. Should free markets decide what is on TV or should government committees. I will also fall on the side of free markets and I will always Take U.S. TV over the crap I watched in London and other European countries.

You go on trusting the government to run things and I will go on and trust private individuals. IN the history of the world my side has done better and your side, well we know what your side has done.

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