TIL that Johnny Cash was attacked by an ostrich on his farm in 1981. Cash suffered 5 broken ribs and claims the animal would have disembowled him if not for the large belt buckle he was wearing at the time.

Here's a bit more history to the Hendersonville, TN. farm Johnny owned... (I live just down the road).

With the word around the music industry that Branson, Missouri was developing a competitive tourist destination of their own to match that of Nashville, TN's Music Row, Conway Twitty bought Johnny Cash's farmland to develop his own. Partly to answer the need for a destination to draw tourist's away from Branson and keep the local artist's a bit closer to home, and partly to draw tourist's to a closer venue other than the continuing decline of Music Row. Conway created "Twitty City", complete with individual museum's with an artist's own performance theater, restaurants, petting zoo, local shops, and music studio's. Twitty also built what was to be his new home in the middle of the farm and visitor's could tour the entire site.

He eventually moved there after his divorce from his first wife, Mickey in 1984. My parents bought his old house he and Mickey shared with their kids and his mother on Walnut Drive. Interesting '70's decor on steroids to say the least. lol But a beautiful property on a peninsula on Old Hickory Lake. Anyhoo, after Conway passed away in 1993, the property stayed somewhat vacant and they moved all the exotic animals from the site to a farm on Saunders Ferry road (which was the main road to his old house on Walnut Drive.) I was driving home one afternoon and was startled to see Camel's, Zebra's, Emu's, Donkey's, and Cow's grazing close to the fence line by the road. A freaking CAMEL in Hendersonville! LOL I almost drove off the road. Anyway, back to the Twitty City farm... His new wife resided there, (horrible woman. Absolutely horrible) as well as his children for whom he'd built individual homes on the property as well. Once all the hot mess of settling his estate, the wife sold the property to PTL. Yep, THAT PTL. They were trying to stay in business after the Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye fiasco. Then they went kaput too. Now it's owned by TBN and remains the site where Ron Huckabee records his weekly show. Sooo much more I could tell y'all about it. But I've yammered on enough. lol

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