TIL legendary NFL player Jim Thorpe is buried in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Thorpe had no connection to the town, nor had he ever visited. His third wife sold his body to the town rather than having him buried in his native Oklahoma.

Jim was my mother's grandfather. I can say that feelings among the family members are, and always have been, mixed on the subject of relocating the remains. Most of Jim's children (including my grandfather, Carl) wanted him buried in Oklahoma, and were very vocal about it. This isn't an idea that just popped into someone's head as soon as Grace passed, it's something that's been discussed and debated since he was buried.

The town of Jim Thorpe has done so much to honor Jim's legacy over the years, and the family appreciates that. Many of us have attended the annual birthday celebration and have always been treated with the utmost respect and kindness. We don't hold hard feelings against the town or the townspeople. I personally feel that Jim should have been buried in Oklahoma on his native soil. At the same time I don't love the idea of disturbing the remains and relocating them after all these years. It's a tough issue.

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