Is it time to see a psychiatrist?

Sup brahski. I unfortunately developed some general anxiety and some OCD symptoms when I hit about 20-21. I've had about two panic attacks within the past 3 years (I would say they were directly related to alcohol), and they were shitty as you can likely understand. I also got to a point where I was scared to be a passenger in a car because of the fear of having a panic attack, I was scared to drive (didn't drive for years) because of shitty intrusive thoughts that flooded my brain, I was scared to travel by myself, scared to get into an airplane, blah blah you get the point. It was becoming so severe I was scared my life was inevitably ruined. Prior to me developing my anxiety, I was put on probation for 5 years due to a DUI which in turn required me to stop smoking. After that, I tried to re-live my old pot smoking days but everything had completely changed. I use to be a heavy smoker who really, really enjoyed marijuana. I loved kicking it with my friends and smoking, but mainly I loved just sitting in my room and bumping music. Mind you this was before I developed these symptoms. Unfortunately, when I tried to get high again I became very anxious and panicky. It was hard for me to smoke around people, and chilling in my room became stressful. BUT instead I fought through the discomfort because I knew there was good place to be reached, and there was. Due to my stubbornness, this period of finding that "spot" that I once knew when I was younger, allowed to me to work through a lot of the things that was making me anxious, as well as the crappy obsessive thoughts that I developed. Smoking allowed me to realize how irrational my thoughts actually were and allowed me to work through my thoughts and feelings. During this phase, I CONFRONTED my fears. That's key to really anything, but more so for us who have developed anxiety. I finally got in my car and drove; I now love driving again and now take cruises for therapeutic reasons like most of us do. I can fly now, I can travel, I can do everything I thought was done for me now. It was very, very stressful in the beginning, but the more you do it, you will get over it. I believe this is called exposure therapy. I also smoke weed again, although you shouldn't expect it to be the same as it once was. I learned that I truly enjoy weed when I'm at home in my own comfort zone, or sometimes when I'm with friends. There will be some instances where smoking just won't be enjoyable anymore i.e. going to school blazed. This is just my story, and everybody is different. I still haven't seen a psychiatrist, but I have tried. I do feel like my quality of life could get back to complete normalcy if I do see one, however. Don't be mistaken, I am not symptom free, but life has become so much better and manageable. I'm not telling you to smoke, I'm just letting you know anything can be overcome. And yes, I do feel like seeing a psychiatrist will truly help you.

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