Tomorrow's Page 3 in The Sun features a topless model, apologises on behalf of other newspapers that have been writing about them under the heading "Clarifications and Corrections"

I'm sorry I was a bit rude yesterday but I been getting a monumental amount of craps in this thread and I think your comment just pushed me over the edge. I am sorry that wasn't your fault.

I think it's really cool that you are interested in the topic and yes it does certainly lead to very interesting discussions but I think your expectations here are a little off. You clearly don't know much about the topic, all you have linked is a Wikipedia article. You want a discussion but despite your lack of background you already have an opinion and want me to basically teach you. I'm sorry but I think it's really unfair to come into this topic so strongly without really knowing what you're talking about.

If you do wanna learn more about the topic this article has a very quick review of why the argument your presenting creates a problem. A very good book on gender differences, she goes into detail on the how topic and how a lot of research done in this area is really shoddy and unreliable. Sex/gender by Anne Fausto-sterling is a kind of 101 into this topic and good for a little background. To summarise the crux of the issue when it comes to biotruths, is that there are biological distinctions between gender, of course, for example there is a lot of evidence showing that the brain is sexed in some way. It becomes very difficult to divorce what is biology and what is cultural influence. For example your claim that men are sexually visual primarily, that does seem to be true cross culturally, but most cultures are very focused on the male gaze, things are made for guys case in point, the page 3 girls. Another example is the hip to ratio equation and how men are mostly attracted to women that fit within a certain range because it indicates health. I would say culture is a much bigger factor when it comes to classifying beauty, in North Africa whole groups think the bigger a woman is the more beautiful, to the point they say things like anyone can have stretch marks on their legs and abdomen, only the truly beautiful have them on their arm (there's a ethnographic work on this called bodies, though I don't recall the authors name). And of course even if there are biological differences does that mean we should box people up based on that? Are we going to shape our culture EVEN MORE on preconceptions? We do it already by the way, This really good and quite funny article by Emily Martin discusses how even our language choice when discussing biology is very gendered and very telling of our cultural perceptions of gender. And this is not barely touching the surface of the topic Nd not even bringing trans and homosexuality into the equation.

I hope this has given you an overview on the topic and helped you understand why I'm reluctant to discuss it with someone without much background :)

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