Is it too much to ask?

Women are more selective to their potential mate than men. Women prefer men with wide shoulder to hip ratio, athletic, toned pero hindi muscle bound na men. Bad boy looking mf. The way society perceived "good man" is being harmless. God-fearing shit stuff like that. No! A good man is a very very dangerous man. A man who has capability of being dangerous but has it under control is better than a man who is harmless.

The way I see it, these qualities of man you're looking for are often present sa mga "losers" kung tawagin. And you gals, wouldn't even dare to initiate a conversation with them. Kasi they are not attractive, sa'n pa ba babawi? Edi sa personality.

I was once a loser skinny ass kid, and I saw how girls react when I'm trying to reach out to them. Like majority of them like my classmate na already good looking na that time.

After highschool, I started working out, read books, and focus academically and excelled. Second puberty hits. Girls started to notice me, however, they got intimated. And whenever I'm trying to commit they'll be like "You are too good for me." Honestly, women are so hard to understand. So now I don't care anymore. I know my worth now, and to those girls who ditched me, thank you. Go ahead and settle for less.

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