It's troubling that while Nazi's are rightfully and universally hated, defending Communists is quite accepted in a great many places

I have been overseas before. I came back to Texas because I was not accustomed to the culture. It is a lot more expensive in Houston. Luckily, I found a good job with an employer that knew my brother. So, while I love America and its culture, I can admit it is flawed. Adressing these issues is the only way we can help this country grow. If all you do is say "america good", nothing gets done. We all just relish in how cool we are while the world advances around us.

I do not come from a wealthy family, so I have been around bills and taxes my entire life. I never had health care until I moved to Europe. I understand where money goes. I know how much money and time it takes to remove a tumor, I know how much funerals cost, I know how much health care plans are, I know how property tax kills you, I know the process of selling a house, I know how hard it is to support a family on minimum wage, I know how much it costs to buy a car, I know how much it costs to repair that car, I know how much college costs, I know how much terminal illness treatments cost. My fucking uncle recently died because the cost to treat his oral cancer would exceed 500K, and his family just would not be able to pay that off when he died. Don't patronize me and talk to me like a child. Don't tell me that you know more about budgeting and how much life essentials can cost. I know. Trust me. At most we have an equal understanding of economics.

I have seen the real world and statistics, and this is what it has all shown me. So, in your words,

Your sensationalist, hysterical dribble serves only to incite fear in gullible people

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