Has Trump changed his stance on climate change yet? I believe it's the single most important issue of our time.

You never graduated law school, you big silly! Not in America anyway. You would have had your ass handed to you if you ever asserted you "proved" anything by avoiding cited sources, using World of Warcraft jargon, and refusing to answer the simplest of questions. Nah. You haven't gone through law school yet. I'm dealing with an English major who fancies himself a lawyer.

Stop lying kid. Nobody with a decent legal education would call what you did "proof." There was some name calling. There was some diversion...but definitely nothing close to proof.

Sincerely, we both know you haven't graduated law school, but just in case you have: I strongly recommend you seek out a clerkship or maybe become a sports agent. You will not do well in litigation. If you've already graduated and this is what you call "proof," you're going to have a bad time. :-(

And Trump? He don't give a fuck about a 1st year kid-lawyer. He wouldn't even share an elevator with you. Do you get that? To Donald Trump, you're a "loser." Why would you want to vote for some rich prick who doesn't even have a legal education?

And another question you won't answer:

If you were hiring a dentist, would you want him to have have attended dental school? (It's rhetorical; of course you would.)

If you were hiring an engineer to build a bridge, would you want him to have an engineering degree? Probably a masters, am I right?

But, as a law student, you don't feel that someone who is going to MAKE LAW should have a law degree? Reality TV show millionaire is more your speed?

If you went to law school, you would value that education so much. You would say that a politician, before making laws, should have a legal education about said laws. You would believe it, because you would understand how important it is to fully understand the law and how just getting through law school is an IQ test of sorts. You'd be smarter, and you'd want our President to be at least equally as smart as you.

Unless you're lying. (wink, wink)

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