/ttcafterloss TTC Daily Discussion Thread - January 28, 2015

Opinions wanted! Especially those of anyone in the medical field!

I have mentioned here that I have an appointment coming up to get a memorial tattoo for my pregnancy that I lost. It's linework only, no color, and will be on my right side.

Ok, so looking at timing now, my appointment is right around ovulation for this coming cycle. I had hoped that it would be more in the time between AF and ovulation, but looks like that's not the case. In fact it will either be right on ovulation or 2-3 days after.

I've done a lot of reading online, and obviously I'm going to a reputable artist with zero risk of HIV or Hepatitis or other ridiculous things that don't occur anymore in licensed and very clean tattoo shops. This isn't some dude's garage.

The only remote thing I can find that would be a risk is that they don't have any studies done on the effect of ink on a fetus, so no promises that it's 100% safe. Well that said, if I'm getting this done before the egg even implants, could that really be a concern? I've read anecdotal stuff online and lots of people have gotten tattoos while TTC or even before knowing they were pregnant, even during pregnancy, and they all seem fine. And this isn't anywhere near the actual presence of a fetus - just an egg. But is the egg even more vulnerable and I should just reschedule?

The concern is that her schedule is packed tight. She's scheduling 6-8 weeks out at the earliest, and so I run the risk yet again of running into poor scheduling. She's highly in demand so I am worried about rescheduling too many times and putting her off.

I'm so torn. On one hand, I may not get pregnant anyway. Heck, 16 months to get pregnant the first time, and my first medicated post-MC was a bust. So I'll be annoyed if I put this off and am not pregnant either. But on the other hand, if I got pregnant, would I always be worried about it having impacted something?

Honest opinions totally welcome.

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