[WP] Wishing to end his life, a man takes an extremely high dose of a hallucinogen, which ends up killing him - but not before the effects kick in.

Sam sat alone on his couch, staring out his window at his neighbors yard. A white limo was parked out front, a sharply dressed driver standing by the door waiting for the honored guests. Slowly people began to to leave the house, all of them dressed in their finest formal wear. A barrage of women wearing identical dresses heralded her coming as the bride strode out her front door.
There she was, Elizabeth the woman Sam loved, looking stunning in her white dress. She made her way to the limo beaming with excitement, this was her day, the day she had been anticipating for so long.
She looked happy.
Sam stared down at the coffee table in front of him. A handful of pills lay on the glass surface next to a large mug of water. "This is it" Sam whispered to himself. "No more chances" Sam scooped up the pills in front of him, downing them all with in a few short gulps. "Good Bye Elizabeth, I've always loved you" he choked out as tears began streaming down his face.
Sam laid his head back against his couch, and waited. . . . .
The smell of smoke brought Sam to his senses. He wasn't on his couch anymore. Sam was sitting on a cheap piece of patio furniture in Elizabeth's back yard, a fire in the pit before him. It was beginning to die.
"Sam" Elizabeth said, "what did you want to talk to me about?"
The party had long since ended, Sam remembered that he has asked Elizabeth to stay out with him so they could talk. She was his best friend, she had agreed without hesitation.
"Lizzy, I uh wanted to talk to you about us, er I guess more to the point, about me. About how I feel about you."
There was a long pause, both of them stared into the dying fire for what felt like an eternity to Sam.
"What about us?" Elizabeth asked, a hint of moisture forming in her eyes.
"Lizzy," Sam began softly."I've never had the guts to tell you this before, and I'm not sure I ever will again. I love you. Not as a friend loves a close friend." Sam furrowed his brow as he sought the appropriate words. "I love you in a way that I can not describe with words, I love you like I have loved no other person who has ever walked this earth. I love you, and I want to be with you."
Elizabeth blinked away tears and starred intently at Sam, giving away nothing as to what she felt following this revelation.
After what felt like a life time to Sam, tears began to roll down her fare cheeks.
"I love you too Sam" she said, staring longingly into his eyes.
"I've always loved you Sam, no one else was ever there for me the way you were, during the good times, during the bad times, you were always there, by my side. Of course I love you"
(Wait... this isn't right, this isn't how it happened)
"You mean so much to me" she said getting up and walking to the seat nearest him. She gripped his hand in hers squeezing it with a sense of urgency. " I never knew you felt the same way though."
(No That's not what she said... she told me she cared about me, but not like that. This isn't right. . . is it?)
Elizabeth laid her head on Sam's shoulder, he could feel his shirt growing damp from her tears of joy.
Sam stood up suddenly, pulling Elizabeth up by their now tightly locked hands, he pulled her in tightly against him and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Lizzy" He said staring deeply into her beautiful hazel eyes. " Will you be with me?"
"Of course I will Sam, it was always you" She said as she shut her eyes puckered her lips and leaned in for an expectant kiss.
(NO! No! no! a voice cried out inside Sam's head, I don't think that is what happened... or, uh, I don't. I don't think. . . . i uh, it wasn't. . . or was it. . . maybe it was. Everything is so unclear. . .)
Then their lips met, Sam and Elizabeth, it started of a soft peck, then staring into those beautiful eyes Sam pulled her tighter, an excited gasp escaping her lips, they kissed deeply this time, lovingly, with a sense of passion that only years of suppressed love could match.
(is that how it happened?) Sam wondered, his inner voice growing weaker. . . (Of course it is, it was always her) Sam thought to himself (how could it not be?)
A smile bloomed on Sam's face as he took his last breath on this earth.
(It was always her. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)

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