Two men have been arrested over the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov

First what is your media background and what country do you live in? I have no problem with going first. I live in Germany i am disgusted at our media right now. Since spring 2014 they took a turn for the worst and now spout bullshit nato-propaganda right in our face. Thing is i am not alone with my opinion the is a big discussion right now and many people are outraged at what our media did. Big news magazines like Spiegel are considered shit right now because they are not able to separate their opinion from the reporting. Also big newspapers like Zeit, FAZ, Süddeutsche,... have similar and or worse problems with reporting complete one sided crap. They even gone so far to often close the commentary function on articles on there websites because they did not like the criticisms and the different opinions on these matters. It was then found out that many of these journalist that reported on things concerning russian stuff were in organizations like Atlantikbrücke and similar biased groups. When a German satire format (Die Anstalt) made fun of it they got sued by some of these guys. Man these newsholes were mad when Die Anstalt won that was really satisfying to watch. Thing is if you never even try to understand why i don't have your opinion then why do you even assume i am wrong? You go with the what i would call in German "klein klein" you want me debate you on a level where i would have to defend some stuff that isn't even the main point, so i won't do it. I mean were the fuck does that number of 200 dead so called dead journalist come from and did their death even had something to do with the Russian government? Can you vouch for it being so or can there be many reasons and the number is just a number? The Litvinenko is a joke or what? His death is not even close to be solved and you pin it on whom? Putin? Really? Thats the thing i was speaking about you just assume things because you want them to be true even if there are no facts behind and that is the damage the media you consumed did to you. That is the difference between a rational person and an emotional one. Everything reported or said by government agency's comes down to the point can i really trust this is there anything to back this up, all of the last wars the USA were involved were based on lies so why should we believe anything they say about the Ukraine conflict? The us-media did not help either they ate these lies like flies eat shit there was no Fourth Estate just repeating lies nothing more. It got even funnier here in Germany now many media organizations went so far to slander and rant at their own readers, users and viewers i was like wtf are they doing do they not even want to sell their stuff? These are really interesting times we live in and in my opinion the truth died when the US-American Empire (Yes empire because the are one and i know many people don't like the if someone names it like this.) went into a mode where everything that would even remotely threatens them should be answered by direct or indirect war, that is why there is no truth right now. (

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