[TX] His Sister Lied

My husband is an adult now, but when the charges were placed on him, he was 19 years old. He was young, misinformed, and naive.

The fact is that a young woman put information out on facebook because she felt uncomfortable that one of her best friends lied and put her own brother in jail. I don't understand why she won't go to the authorities, but it's her decision to make. I can't make it for her, no matter how aggravating it might be.

His sister broke up his family and now he can't see his own kids without being monitored. His life was ruined.

He is much better now though. He has a great job, a fantastic support system, and people who love him.

The first time she 'told the truth' was a year ago. Her mother went snooping through her journal and found an entry where she admitted to lying about everything that happened. She wrote that 'she felt psychotic' because she felt no shame for ruining his life. When questioned about the journal entry, she said she was writing poetry.

At this point, I'm just going to wait for her to bury herself.

I'm not here to prove his innocence, but to see what I can do legally to disprove his charges based on updated situations.


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