Galaxy S8 all colors!!

give me an example, please.

must be water proof, have the finger print reader on the front(finger print readers on the back are the strangest thing ever), either have an sd card or 128+ gb option..and something that works as well as samsung pay. i currently have an s7, and i'm not sure what i'll be able to upgrade to if the new note isnt promising, or if the iphone 8 changes too much. and to narrow it down even more, has to work on sprint, because its impossible for any carrier to beat my current plan with sprint.

if apple pay were as good as samsung pay i would've jumped ship awhile ago.

on the rear fingerprint reader thing: it's just so goddamn awkward to use. I've tried and tried to use phones with a fingerprint reader on the back, and I have to completely adjust my hand to unlock my phone.. i sell phones for a living and i watch people unlock their phones.. and they too have to adjust their hand to unlock the phone.. i have friends with those type of phones and its the same for them.

legit been sitting here playing with my s7 trying ways to make a rear mounted reader work, i can either use my left hand to unlock it, or completely shift my entire right hand up so that my finger can reach where one would be.

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