U.S wealth gap is widest in last 30 years.

I'm not sure that trickle down economics is inherently anymore efficient than government in pushing the economy.

That is because you know nothing about economics or at least economic history. Government has been ineffective at creating any type of growth through their ends. Mostly because they act as a middle man that sucks a portion of the money. If you think adding bureaucrats to the equation makes things cheaper and more productive, I want to know what world you live in.

That only works if those who have and create the most wealth choose to use it in ways that benefit the rest of society. There is no guarantee that they will, and the economics of the past thirty or so years have shown that.

False. The economics of the past 30 years has shown that as you increase regulation and taxation in a country, while opening up the borders and allowing more free trade, you will get higher unemployment and lower wages.

The major advantage that government can have in pushing the economy is that the people (Theoretically of course) have a say in how the government spends its money and how much.

Lol. Yes, our government is at the will of the people. I mean, its not like there are programs that no one likes that still exist.

And it can work, look at the incredible economic and industrial boom that happened post-WWII up till the 80s. Our taxes were extremely high at the top end and we've never experienced such an improvement to not only our economic and industrial might but the quality of life in the US.

Lol. Another correlation liberal. No, taxation did not help our economy. Emerging as the sole western superpower is what helped our country advance. Although I guess they don't teach the concept of comparative advantage in liberal talking points 101.

Scandinavia is another good example of the stability and prosperity that high taxes with well managed government can hold.

Yes, because a small homogeneous country can accurately be compared to the third largest and one of the most divers countries on the planet. You really got me.

Right now we're in a situation where the American people are not only more apathetic, less informed, and less in control of our government. Private interest trumps public interest now and our economy, government, and the attitude of those in power and with wealth reflect that.

Yes, and if you don't think government is helping that along, I have a bridge to sell you.

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