UK to drop proposed fur and foie gras import ban. Pledges to ban the export of live animals for slaughter and the import of hunting trophies are also at risk of ending up on the scrap heap.

Maybe you’re right, but I still recommend watching it.
I just think that the bar is outrageously low, and that before you say how high our standards are, you should actually see how low the bar is.
For an egg to be free range, we require the hen to have access to the outdoors for a period of the day. There’s no prescribed length of time. There’s no special requirements for their feed, there’s no special regulation for the conditions of the indoors part of their lives, they’re just… allowed outdoors. We still allow farmers to rear birds in a completely dark box where they’ll climb over the corpses of their sister. We’ll still let farmers feed them the same low quality shit that they feed “barn hens”. We still allow slaughterhouses to operate in their barbaric way, employing maniacs who hate animals, we still allow slaughterhouses to use this “humane slaughter” shit which may or may not include humanity. We still allow “less useful” chicks to be shovelled into binbags.

And we’re supposed to be proud of the fact that the hen can walk outdoors for 10 minutes?

I’m not actually on a crusade to make everyone vegan. I’m not vegan. Eat what you want. I’d prefer we reduce our meat consumption for environmental reasons, but I’m not going to try enforcing that.
I just want humans to stop treating animals with such disdain.

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