Unpopular opinions in anime

That's presumably why you rated Sword Art Online higher than Evangelion (and there's nothing wrong with that even though it makes no sense to me).

I never update my MAL so don't worry if it doesn't make sense. Animation quality is something that is important no matter the show. There is a reason why KyoAni, A-1, and Ufotable are successful and studios like White Fox aren't.

Saber and Gil don't change as characters.

The entire dynamic with Saber and Kiritsugu and Gil and Kotomine is the entire reason why the way that they are in F/SN. Sure it's subtle, but the lasting effect is huge.

I can't remember a single character that wasn't flat.

Literally every character in Shinsekai Yori had development.

Plus, I thought the characters were great and the worldbuilding was fantastic.

You mean the cliche characters(tomboy Ryuko, kaichou Satsuki, macho Gamagori, nerd Inumuta, swordsman Uzu, loli/tsundere/yuribait Nonon)? The worldbuilding was terrible and I don't know how to put it any other way. It is completely unfeasible in a world for people to not notice that you are putting Life Fibers into their clothing. People would find out. The Life Fiber bullet as well is another example of this(and a huge plot hole). We never see how big or small Nudist Beach is, or even if there are organizations like it. While I won't argue the feasibility of a company creating 100% of the world's clothing, the whole "aliens" sideplot in the last half was just plain dumb. We have no idea where they came from or what they want at the end. Were there other people like Ryuko? Was Ragyo the first to have this sort of plot? We just don't know. There's just too much open and while that is fine in a character-based show, this show isn't character-based. It's obviously about the action and the story. So the setting and the world is important. But we just aren't given enough detail to warrant any realism or attachment to this world.

Relationships often (especially with teenagers) are about dependency on another person

Sure sure we can just pull the "but they are just teenagers" card but really that's not applicable to two people who barely met when they were children. These people aren't teenagers, they are almost adults(assuming that Kureha is in her 2nd or 3rd year of high school). To pull the "teenagers" card is just not true.

Plus, not everyone is lusted after.

Name one character in the show who isn't lusted after.

Each form of touch or communication between the two is exaggerated and interpreted to be sexual, but at the same time innocent because they're not fucking.

Holy shit do you realize what you are saying?

touches are interpreted to be sexual

Yes because people are literally getting on top of each other and licking them and feeling them up,

they are innocent because they aren't fucking.

So just because people aren't fucking they are innocent? That's pretty white and black if you ask me. Just because I'm not fucking someone at that moment doesn't mean I'm not a virgin. I am not automatically innocent if I'm not fucking someone. Molestation can be dirty(if not as dirty or dirtier) than rape in a lot of cases. That's just bullshit and you know it.

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