[Update] Me [30F] with my ex [30M] of 1 year - we still haven't stopped sleeping together and now he's treating his porn addiction - now with prison time!

Let's look at this differently.

Preface: I'm on fetlife, and love exhilarating porn, as does my wife. Rape fetish/fantasy porn and all. Hell, guro and murder fantasies can do it for me if presented well. I'm not embarrassed. They are fantasies, not the real thing. In fetish sessions I've raped my wife. Damn if it's not believable, but the second she says "waffles" I back off. We have ended sessions bloody, but satisfied.

My tastes are extreme, but underage fantasies happen to do nothing for me. Still, I never judge a fantasy, only an action. There are entire groups (so many!) on fetlife dedicated to "daddy daughter" types of fantasies alone, and there are definitely alternative yet equally exhilarating things on the world wide web available. I browse a lot of the group titles on fetlife just for the shock of it all. There are incest fantasy, bestiality, loli, shota, the works. Some role play as toddlers and post there to find partners to act out rape fantasies on them. There is plenty of stuff to get him off other than the actual thing that can be ten times more disturbing, causing a much bigger rush.

Age will give you many experiences, and decisions that come with them, my dear. You have been presented an experience, and a decision.

Here's one of mine... Easy decision for me, so not a major event in my life at all.

I've got a cousin that was convicted of downloading kiddy porn, so let's explore I handled that situation.

Kiddy porn means that I don't hang out with him anymore. Kiddy porn fantasy wouldn't even make me bat an eye, as I've now seen worse.

No more hangout time...

...Because he literally watched children being raped on purpose.

...Because he literally helped people that rape children earn an income or notoriety in a measurable way.

Am I civil and polite when we cross paths with my cousin? Yes, because he is a human being, and even though he caused his own suffering and ostracism, he is in pain. Do I make any time for him? No. Because he downloads child rape and masturbates to a child being raped.

Sorry, using the words "sexually assaulted" is more technically appropriate I guess depending on the child pornography, but it's still a child being robbed of their innocence before they are capable of consent.

I was molested as a child. Maybe that's what makes me kinky today, likely it isn't. Most of my family is kinky, too, we are very verbally free about sex. There are no verbal filters at my mom's dinner table. I certainly take the difference between child molestation, and child molestation fantasy very seriously because of the wisdom I've gleaned from my own experiences.

I hope you don't need to find your own children on a video one day to discover that this person did something unforgivable. Hopefully you decide that maybe you need to abscond, but hey, your choice. Just know that you are your associates in life.

I've had a bit of wine, so I may regret/delete this post once I've realized what I've admitted here about my own sex life, but the thrill porn thing just isn't an excuse. There are sooooo many other options readily available that are much sicker than reality. The dude's a pedo, and that's why he did what he did.

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