[WP] A superhero who is afraid of his own powers.

What is power? It's everything. Power can build a fortess and destroy worlds. Some say I'm powerful but are they right? What is power without control...POWER IS POWER

I killed another man today, it was four shots to his spine while he ran away. OH LOOK AT HIM RUN! LOOK AT THE PIG RUN! OINK OINK! My blade sliced his wife's throat while she put her hands to pray. GOD CAN'T SAVE YOU BITCH! Couldn't control my laughter as I drowned the poor kids screams with plasma rays. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP

It wasn't always like this. I used to suit up in my flashy crimson attire. YOU LOOKED LIKE A FOOL I saved the city more times than I can count. I would twist necks and rip spines out, pummel villains until they had to be scraped off the concrete, and the people loved me for it. MMMMM I was never this violent or powerful, I used to be quiet and shy. WEAK I was bestowed power unimaginable.. but the voices in my head were always there though. What was once a dull whisper has become blood curdling screams. It gets worse everytime I use it, I'm starting to lose control. BORING LET'S HAVE SOME FUN, DON'T YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN?

Jemma. The love of my life, always so tender, the soul of an angel. She loved me way before any of this. I love the way her cheeks touch her eyes when she smiles at me, I love the way her blonde hair radiates in the sun, I love how everything about her. When she's there, the voices stop, my heart beats out of my chest.. I'm free from this sad and cruel world. Earlier today I came home to find her hair soaked in blood. She'd been raped and bludgeoned to death. The always cheerful face replaced by a cold and lifeless expression. I'LL KILL THEM ALL! I'LL KILL EVERYONE! I'LL BURN THIS WORLD TO THE GROUND! ** No. Stop. Please stop. **WE MUST MAKE THEM SUFFER I can't imagine what sort of hell I will bring. I have to end it. DON'T DO IT I'm going to kill myself, it's the only way to sa... RAAAAHHHHH! INSOLENT FOOL! THE BODY IS MINE NOW! MINE MINE MINE! HAHAHA.

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