Veterans Group To Pentagon: Ban Fox News On Military Bases

Well, especially after an abnormal number of active duty air force members went to raid the Capitol on January 6th it was a done deal that we wouldn't play coersive radical news media in the breakroom anymore.

As side note, one should not confuse veterans and active duty as populations in context. Something like 10-20% of the rioters/insurrectionists were veterans, but as far as i recall only a handful, to maybe a few dozen are known to be active duty.

Which being said, figure it also shows how the military as far as assorted institutions go alongside other federal ones attract people with far reicht inclinations, and ideation in the same way assorted law enforcement organizations do. It is a well known problem that goes way back.

On a side note, and not to excuse their shit, but to describe some mechanisms in play...

I also know more than a few people from my time in the Army who went off the deep end after they separated while they seemed fairly reasonable in active service. In between PTSD, post service depression, difficulties in transitioning, and what some feel as a loss of identity, and purpose many of these people have not been able to deal with day to day realities of civilian life in reasonable ways. As a result they have really just latched on to anything they could for sake of a sense of control, and stability. Propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation therein serving to direct blame away from ones own failures, or feelings of failure towards some other dehumanized enemy... all of that bullshit not only gives them a target for their frustrations, but also a purpose to act.

We have had congressional investigations in to the above issues too... its a huge fucking problem on multiple fronts.

Newsmax/Fox News were proven to be a driving factor in extremist tendencies, so my supervision cracked down on what we played in the breakroom.

Exactly and they alongside other forms of bullshit people are exposed to online are known to undermine command morale, unit cohesion, and ultimately to national security.

Even on the low impact end day to day exposure to far reicht propaganda on duty, and in civilian life really works to bias outcomes with certain sub populations of people. It does not take much for the toxic bullshit to make a permanent nest in a vulnerable persons head, and for others to build on that later especially if they have been prone to specific forms of fundamentalist/extremist nonsense from the start. What makes people really vulnerable to a lot of this stuff is that most people in general do not have the tools, or the education to deal with the types of materials in question.

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