Video of Owen Shroyer being sexually assaulted at woman's march by woman who admits to it out loud "You ever watch a video and just hate everyone involved in it?" [+227]

I like how they all "hate Trump" but if you ask for specifics why all they got is generalities: "Oh, um, erm, he a waycist!"

Really? What did Trump do to make you think he's a racist?

"Oh, um, erm, I dunno but he just does!"

Then resort to name calling: "Piece of shit! You're a piece of shit!"

They have absolutely nothing but they're conditioned by the media to be out there protesting and shrieking like triggered idiots without even know why they are there!

Looks like the NPC meme was pretty close to the truth. These dopes are like extras on WestWorld who only know 3 pre-programmed lines and then spew vulgarity.

Black Mirror has become reality.

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