Viral mutations may cause another ‘very, very bad’ COVID-19 wave, scientists warn

1) I'm not making an 'objection.' What do others on here on r/COVID19 think I am objecting to?

2) In fact, I'm all for making necessary edits to the vaccine!
3) I thought it would be obvious what other possible bottlenecks there would be other than merely tweaking a currently tested, proven and efficacious vaccine.

4) Look at what is happening with the vaccination effort of getting this first tranche of SARS-COV-2 vaccines INTO PEOPLES' arms! AT the end of the day that is what this is all about! Getting an effective vaccine into a strong moiety of people.

5) I understand that, unlike with the r/Coronovirus and other r/news subs, folks on here are pretty savvy and wisely work off citations for validating things that are specific, contrary/confirmatory to established understandings of SARS-COV-2/COVID19 so I can only attribute this dogpile I'm experiencing to a misunderstanding as to what I meant by 'bottlenecks' to begin with.

6) That the bottlenecks I'm referring to are so numerous, general and manifest in their nature that one could write a book on it, and merely do a quick bit of googling to find out about. A few examples that one would find; distribution hold ups, reagent production delays, storage/logistic/distribution issues, prioritization, public willingness and compliance..., to not only getting the current vaccines but routine and irregular updates and scheduled boosters, etc......

7) That whenever there is a fast moving variant of this virus, that needs to be vaccinated against, I can only think that we need to be good at knowing where and HOW to deal with the bottlenecks that arise so that WHEN we need to get the updated vaccines into people, we have a streamlined, practiced and 'well-oiled machine.'

8) Sorry, I can't help but ask this fora again; what the hell did you savvy and brilliant folk think I meant with my OP and the word bottleneck?!!!

9) No really, what was everyone thinking I meant with my OP?!!! Give me all the downvotes you like and vent your frustrations however you want, but could some of you at least indicate what you thought I meant by the word bottleneck!!! What should I have meant, or said, or specified, or supported, or verified, or otherwise whatevered?!

10) I can only attribute the current hostility and fiery projecting to the frustrations and uncertainties brought on by this pandemic that has been dragging in and on. These are scary and fraught times even for the coolest and most learned of us on this topic. And, yeah, I get it! Lost time, opportunity, protracted separations from our circles and even a fallen loved one to this virus. So yeah, to those hurting, scared and angry, I'm right there with you!

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