Volvo Cars to build first US factory

I still refuse to purchase the brand.

They are not an american. The money still goes back to the parent country.

I buy american brand products made in america from American materials from american comoanies. I know not everything is 100% american quality but that is to he expected. I still buy the highest percentage american possible.

I do this because i am a real american who supports america. Other americans should start taking notice and waking up.

The country is in debt and the government can only take so much of a loss before shit hits the fan. Its time americans wake uo and realize how much of a problem they are causing when they support foreign industry.

Dont give me this global economy crap. Its still america with american currency. Other countries dont give a shit about us.

Would you go into debt supporting a random stranger? If you answered no. Then that means you should be supporting your homeland and stop supporting the foreign industry.

The government will not do it for you. You need to make the demand for your anerican products and boycott the cheap foreign shit.

You wonder why many americans are in unemployment and cant find jobs? The reason is the industry left.

And do not give me "well volvo built a factory in america" they only do that shit because it costs less to assemble the vehicles in america then it is to import the final product. Sure it makes a short term fix for a few americans but your money still leaves the country in droves because its a foreign company.

And dont give me that shit where you think they will infest in america. They simply build assembly factories. They will not invest in anything else. 90% of their sales still go to the conpany in the parent country.

Products coming in, money leaving. Still simple economics. Its not that complex. The country is in debtand becoming poorer every day. The only fix is for americans to wake the fuck up and become real americans.

If you support foreign industry in any way no matter what, you are not an american. That makes you a god dam hypocrite.

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