Not a single vegetarian option on Uber Fresh the past week. What gives?


I don't know who that is.

I am a simple 30 year old guy with a mind that races faster than light. I have ideas that enter my mind, plant a seed and vanish like a bird on the horizon. I guess after it’s planted it’s up to me to water it and let it grow right? We’ll see…

I have done amazing things in this world and I still have many more things I want to accomplish in life then there are days to accomplish them. So that means I need to pick the ones I want most and try and go after those right? But what if something new comes along and I want that more? Doesn’t that ruin the whole plan? Hmm…

I have discovered the key to accomplishing every goal in my short time on Earth. Things like traveling the world, moving to the city of my dreams (three times) and starting a few companies with good people who believed in my ideas weren’t as hard as most people always try to make them all seem. My first idea came at 18 when I started my own record label. It turned into more of a management company then anything else, but, oh well. I then, through sheer hard-work and drive became the men’s buyer for a large chain of retail stores in the Northwest by the time I was 20. After that, I moved to LA, and helped one of the major (undisclosed) record companies with viral marketing strategies for bands and a process that I helped create that was even highlighted in the 2009 book “World Wide Rave” by David Meerman Scott.

From there I started a company with a friend of mine and became the smallest skateboard company on the planet to use resin-based glue and to have access to one of, if not the largest manufacturing plant for skateboards in the world in China. I really have done it all from scooping ice cream at 31 flavors to learning how to import goods from a communist country thousands of miles away all while getting the best price possible!

Today, I work for one of the largest media companies in the world in Los Angeles, CA where I created and manage one of the most advanced card-not-present anti-fraud rule sets in the US for one of the most popular websites ever created. It has all finally come together and I have accomplished, and have a lot of what I wanted in life. It is now time to sit back enjoy the fruits of my labor while constantly expanding my mind through music, media, and knowledge. I will always keep learning, it makes me happy that I am smart enough to understand that I can.

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