Let the hate flow for this death threat ham.

ugh she(wild guess) has it all doesn't she? worst hair ever, classically styled with grease. her skin is so horrific i can't even think of a comparison to it because nothing in nature is this offputting in appearance, and i considered a shaved bear with fleas and a rash and raegen but had to dismiss it as not even such horrors could be appropriate for that...biological matter stretched so painfully across this face, a face so ugly the only possible improvement would be a direct meteor hit. of course the insult to the senses does not end there, the face is unfortunately still attatched to the body that looks just like a big of a pile of sugar bags (i wonder how that happened). as a final bonus the slovenly manatee sports personality that makes her outsides almost look decent by comparison, otherwise impossible as aside from it's personality there is nothing uglier than it's body.

It makes me sad to hear that you have to deal with being contacted by this blubbernaut but you can take some solace in the fact that it's own body and personality are disgusting and it knows it, everyone can see it and besides it'll be dead soon, at which point the rat will seize the chance to eat her. it probably already sneaks a piece of necrotic beetus-deformed foot every now and then and fat bitch can't even feel it. it's family will get to pay though for their coddling and tolerance of it and have to shell out for a shipping container to bury it in, the lord knows you can't burn it without causing a fire to the neighbourhood. on the other hand the residents of said neighbourhood would probably understand if they did it anyway, everyone can plainly see that even below-ground such an offence to humanity and nature can't be allowed to exist on this planet.

i could go on but my keyboard is broken (sorry i was too offended/horrified by the sight of...uh...that/passionate to keep copy-pasting in capitalisations) so i'll stop this hate-flow. but my hate. it flows.

give your lady a high-five, for angering the obeast is the only way. imagine if the obeast liked her. ew.

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