This Week At Bungie 11/14/2019

That dude was super chill

Really? Not really. Look at his comments towards me. He is making claims that are simply not true. All I did was call him out, and he went on the attack. It gets worse the deeper you go.

I don't know where you got that?

He literally said it. Go and read his post.

But yes contraverse hold gives you a ton of grenade energy and should definitely be turn down

No it doesn't. It slightly increases the recharge rate for a short period after a kill against a guardian.

but handled supernova is really not that powerful, its range is inconsistent and most of the time you don't get kills you wouldn't get with a shotgun, it's not like you can just spam it get free kills

The parent post disagrees in large part. He doubles down in his replies.

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