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The things that make Dead Space 3 shitty was:

  • 1) Aggressive DLC prompts everywhere. Every few minutes it had to remind me that I'm playing an incomplete game, and that's not fun.

  • 2) It wasn't scary. The things that made Dead Space 1 & 2 were missing. No dark, claustrophobic, environments. No truly disorienting zero-g puzzles. etc.

  • 3) The graphics sucked. It seems all EA games after 2011 went from realistic and gritty to this washed-out plastic molded style. Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 suffered the same cut in graphics technology. It's strange that a dev company would make graphics worse as time goes on, but apparently EA is more interested in reducing production times than making a nice looking product.

  • 4) The gameplay sucked. Plagued with chest high walls. Need I say more? Again, other EA games I loved (DA2 and ME3) suffered the same gameplay mechanics. WTF?

  • 5) The story sucked. Dead Space 1 didn't really have a story, the adventure was story enough, while Isaac was a silent protagonist. Dead Space 2, Isaac was given a voice, a little whiney but tolerable since the gameplay actually held up to the first game. Dead Space 3 Isaac is whiney and there's this bullshit love triangle thing completely dislodging you from the continuity of the previous two games. Besides, Dead Space 3 shouldn't need a "story", pre-se, if the gameplay was any good.

I'm glad I bought the game from the EA humble bundle. I would have been pissed off if I had paid full price for the game. I wiped it from my system half-way though the game without experiencing buyers remorse.

All in all it just felt like EA made a cookie cutter game engine, crammed graphics and game elements into it, and then expect us to think we're playing different games. I guarantee you EA scrapped each unique game engine associated with their successful franchises and they are using a singe game engine for each "different" game. After EA changed it's CEO Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell, Dragon Age, and Dead Space (others?) all look and feel like the same game to me. If they feel like scrapping their original games and destroying what made their franchises unique then I don't feel like being suckered into buying their crap.

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