Weekend General Discussion Roundtable - 03/20/2021

Fuck now I’m rethinking if I wanna stay with my job

Long story short, I’m part of a rotational program at work that has me work 1 year rotations in 3 different parts of our supply chain. The second year rotation, which is next for me, is always at a factory and it’s typically the role of being a production supervisor. If you make it past all 3 years, you usually get put in a management position somewhere, so you’ll be making like $130-$140k as a 25 year old.

The 2nd year is known as being the most difficult. Like, 12 hour shifts, 5 days a week. Often rotating between day shift and night shift. A ton of responsibility. Etc.

Everyone says it’s absolute hell though. I had a call on Friday with someone a year above me for general advice and she straight up said “don’t plan on having a social life”

It’s such a good program for my career but if that’s true, I really don’t know if I can mentally handle another year of that.

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