Weekend Wrapup

I try my fucking hardest to be the kindest person I can be. I try to fucking hardest to try to be nice to others. I try my hardest not to rely on others. I try my hardest to give back, and show appreciate to others.

But it doesn't fucking matter. No matter what I do, everyone around me despises me. They all just hone in on all my negative attributes. You don't work hard enough, you curse too much, you don't help enough, you don't do this or that. It's never a fucking 'nough for anyone. In the eyes of everyone, no matter how hard I try, I'm just a giant piece of fucking shit.

Fuck it. I'm done trying. The only person that I think even remotely likes me is my cousin. I'm just gonna visit him this weekend, enjoy a little vacation. Then, on the way home, I'm just gonna jump from the fucking bay bridge. I'm fucking done being miserable.

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