Weekly Question Thread (7/27/2020 to 8/2/2020)

So I originally processed with the AF and told my recruiter I used to smoke weed like 2-3 times a week while in high school. He said nope you did it 10 times or you won't be able to enlist. I agreed, that's what we put on my paperwork at meps. After doing more research I had my recruiter ammend my SF86 to the 2-3 times after MEPs. Anyway I was dqd from the AF so it didnt matter.

Now I'm processing with the Army. I'm never met my recruiter in person due to covid so he just sent me the paperwork to fill out. I told my recruiter the same thing for my SF86 and he said that the information has to match what the MEPs paperwork says. He wants me to go swear in next week but I want to make sure my paperwork is good first.

How can I make sure I'm not fucked here? I'm trying to book 35T and dont want any issues in the future.

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