Weekly Team/Character Building Megathread (Sept 28th, 2022) (feat. Cyno & Venti)

With Jean you are very flexible when it comes to what you can do.

Teams such as Jean Bennett xiangling + xingqiu/or mona if you don't have xingqiu can work

Alternatively if you want to put viridescent venerer on heizou + less energy recharge and more damage oriented artifacts on jean you can do that too with Jean bennett xiangling heizou as a quasi mono pyro team since Jean burst + bennett burst swirls the self inclicted pyro from bennett onto the enemy via jean.

As for tartaglia, he is usually not used in the main dps role when it comes to his best use case.

You would still build him like any dps, but his role would actually be "on field driver" for xiangling which results in one of the strongest teams available (Tartaglia bennett xiangling kazuha).

Yae miko can be played as an off fied dps and is a decent, but not incredible unit. If you like fischl/albedo or similar characters gameplay wise then Miko can be a nice unit. Beware though that she has much higher field requirement than fischl/albedo due to needing to place 3 turrets and replace them after the burst.

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