You want to do what?

First of all let me guess, you are someone who does not vaccinate they're children.

Now I'm going to systematically destroy each point you just made, because I work in the medical field each and every day.

The factual evidence you are using to backup your argument only relates to the Prostate Specific Antigen test...the NEJM article" the European-US case review, all relate to just the PSA. This is why he test is no longer en vogue and patients are told of this beforehand or would be by any competent doctor..."we still use the PSA and can choose to do so if you would like to decline the DRE, but that may lead to over-treatment for what may be a benign conditiom." Now that is completely true, PSA rises with both prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyper trophy BPH. Making the PSA test less useful. However, it is useful in two situations...a transrectal ultrasound is indicated if the PSA rises above 10, or if it rapidly rises over the course of a year. The PSA is now used as adjunct for the DRE because with values over 4 and physical exam findings, ultrasounds may be indicated. Now here's why the DRE is so important s a screening device, although both BPH and Prostate Cancer raise PSA, their growth patterns are different which can be palpated on DRE by any trained physician. BPH grows centrally while cancer grows peripherally, which means cancer presents much later with obstructive urinary findings than does BPH and is usually much more advanced. Finally, money....seriously? The DRE is a standard PE screen done in makes over 50 and a part of a Medicare physical...there is no additional charge. Now here's one thing that's a take home for all you guys that I say to any patient I see: a DRE is an uncomfortable thing you have to go through every year...but it's even more uncomfortable for me to perform them multiple times every day. But it is important. So don't listen to this clown, because it's very important to get checked guys

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