What are the differences between teaching at Middle School and High School?

I just switched from teaching high school to middle school this year and here is what I've noticed.

First I am loving teaching middle school so much more. These schools are in different states, same socioeconomic districts. The high school I was at had a lot of discipline issues, the middle school I am at is very strict and the kids can't get away with much.

That being said....here is my experience

-the middle school students want to be talked to like adults/high schoolers, but need elementary school routines -the high schoolers were totally checked out about school and most of my middle schoolers still enjoy learning and respect authority -the middle school "he said she said" "they're picking on me" is so annoying and it's draining policing all of it -I taught high school art and now teach middle school, I find that I can do my 9th grade lessons with the 8th grade, they are willing to take more risks with their creativity -I'm finding my 6th grade really need elementary routines with everything -7th is the hardest to manage because half of them are mature enough to be 8th graders while the other half are too immature and still act like 6th graders -overall ...I find the "smaller kids, smaller problems" statement regarding classroom management to be true.

I hope this is helpful! Good luck with your decision

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