What are some disadvantages of being attractive?

The bottom line is you attract attention, which comes with a lot of downsides since it includes assholes, nefarious people, and even potentially dangerous people. You get an equal amount of negative attention to any positive attention.

There are a lot of asshole men out there who get a kick out of being an ass to you just to get your attention (even if it’s negative). They get a weird power trip out of mistreating you, or trying to make you insecure about something.

There are those insecure women who will be far more judgmental with you than with others. Attracting male attention causes them to resent you, even though you aren’t seeking it and didn’t ask for it.

People tend to assume that if you’re conventionally attractive, you must also be confident, outgoing, and social. So your shyness is interpreted as aloofness.

You are often assumed to be less intelligent, and less profound.

You lose out on professional mentoring and networking opportunities because of men (and/or their wives) who can’t see you as only a coworker or protege.

Work in general feels like a professional minefield. Can’t present yourself too nicely or no one takes you seriously. Have to be hyper aware of your interactions with male coworkers. Have to quickly and artfully rebuff anything potentially dicey or you will get a reputation because, again, somehow other people’s actions reflect on you and you’re the one who faces social consequences for attention you never asked for.

You have to be very careful in how you handle it though, because if those men you work with feel “spurned,” they can passive-aggressively retaliate and make your life harder. Like it or not, you’ve unwillingly become a factor in their ego now that they’ve decided you’re attractive, and any feelings of humiliation can quickly turn to spite, which is dangerous for you.

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