So what are y'all fellow oldies doing to keep yourself going during the pandemic?

We go out all the time. Went to a new sub place and had subs on their patio last week. Last night went to Fat Cats and saw Trolls. This morning met a friend at a local restaurant, sat on their patio and had a long brunch.

Gone for several walks (4 or 5 a day) with our dog, made slushy lemonade today for my husband and I, turned on loud music and the fountains and swam in our pool for an hour or so floating on rafts.

We bought a few games. Bean bag toss game we set up outside and play. We throw a football back and forth in the park next door almost every day and throw a ball for our dog. Stuff like that.

I cooked up stir fry for dinner and yogurt for desert.

I knitted awhile today too, and watched a not that great movie. Now watching UFC.

I'm always doing something if I can help it.

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