What is the best movie character of all time?

The best movie character of all time is  Kurt Vonnegut's  Citizen Kane. I love the scene just as much as I love that film: as an introvert, the director goes out to dinner with a group of college kids in pursuit of a specific goal. The goal is to take down and destroy the evil collective and then get back on the battlefield in a day or two, which he does at a rate of just one-day per day. One day, one young man shows up at the hospital as a young woman with severe burns and a history of depression. He's in this state for about twenty to twenty seconds, sitting on a bench, listening to a soothing voice. He tells her that, despite being a student of his, he can make his own path clear. The moment passes and, while the young woman cries, the young man grabs her hair, slings his hands around her neck and pulls him out from under her. The young man is left alone after the event to look after the wounded woman.

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