what is the best RPG game you have played other than Final Fantasy or Skyrim ?

While I can't pick my absolute favorite, I can list the 3 that I think are tied for it!

  • Fable - This game was one of the first true RPG's that I picked up when I was growing up. The game offers such a great story line as well as a very diverse choice as to how you want your character to progress. I remember re-playing this game at least 3 times because I wanted to see what options and outcomes become available as you shift between good, bad, and neutral. Also, they followed up Fable with 5 great sequels (for all of you that care, I excluded Heroes), which lead to years of great gaming experience. All in all, it was fun to play when I was 13, and it's fun to play now.

  • Chrono Trigger - The God of all decision making RPGs. This game can be as easy as you want or as fiendishly hard as you want. I actually remember picking this up way after it came out (came out in 1995) and playing through it during college. At this point, I was pretty experienced with how to game the systems in RPGs (Ex. Pokemon Red: Catch Nidoran, using Moon Stone ASAP, learn Fissure / Horn Drill, use two X-Accuracy in fight for 100% hit rate, ???, win) but this game through me in a loop. The combat system wasn't turned based, which was fine since I played a lot of Final Fantasy, but nothing prepared me for how unforgiving this game can be. But even though I was pulling my hair out praying for a Wondershot against Lavos, I eventually beat the game and got the best / hardest ending (there are like 19 different endings). This game was so good that just by writing this comment, it reminded me that I want to play it again.

  • World of Warcraft - I'm not sure if this is the answer you're looking for since it technically falls under "MMORPG", but WoW was definitely a game changing when it came to RPGs. I used to play WoW back in Vanilla when it took you 5 months to level to 60 and everyone played hunter because of Joana's leveling guide. I remember putting a lot of hours into this game that today I would deem 'really stupid.' I remember coming home from middle school at 2:15, only to log in and raid MC with a group of internet friends who I never even knew in real life outside of Myspace and WoW. Even though looking back I realize I could have spent so much more time doing something productive, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I hope this answers your question!

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