What brand are you incredibly loyal to? Why?

Time Warner Cable - my internet service provider. -I've been using their service for the 16 years now during which I've been completely satisfied.

What did it for me was back around 2000, I kept having an "intermittent packet loss" - a fancy way of saying something was lose or a cord was damaged, which was slightly interrupting/slowing my service. Which believe me when I say, as a gamer - this is the worst thing imaginable. I'd rather the internet just go OUT because at least then they can pinpoint the problem, fix it, then be done with it. But with this problem..

It's just a process of elimination, replace something - see if problem continues. If problem continues, come back out and replace something else - rinse and repeat until they've replaced everything or the problem is fixed.

This problem made me feel crazy. Time Warner would come out, replace something - I'd think it'd be fixed... then crazy lag/freezes would happen and I'd go insane. Then it'd take 1-3 days for another technician to come out, replace something else. Then again, I'd think it was fixed - then crazy lag/freezes would happen and I'd die/lose equipment/xp and I'd start going insane again.

This happened 5 times - taking a total of 12 days. They replaced the modem, the wires, had me replace my ethernet (again), the wire running from the pole to my house, and then FINALLY - the wire on my STREET - and that fixed it for good.

Despite being such a hassle - it was cool they did all that work for JUST ME. They didn't have to do all that; technically my internet worked. It just popped out for a few seconds here and there. A non-gamer would have never noticed being my point. But still, they listened to my complaints, came out almost a half dozen times - and ultimately fixed it, for free.

Name 1 other company that would have done that.

I've been a little upset recently with their billing - their prices have gone way up. Used to be around $30-40, then it went to $75 this last year - just for internet. So I'm not very happy about that but not really sure what to do about it. I don't want to change service as I love it, but the price is unreasonably high.

But anyway, their impeccable service/reliability is why I'm so loyal.

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