Divorced best friend wants 9 year old son to have quality male bonding time with my husband.

Man, yall are some selfish pricks. I get your point if it was just some random acquaintance or even a close friend. This women said it was her BEST FRIEND OF 15 YEARS. Best Friend. Doesn't that mean something? Like you make sacrifices that you wouldn't make for other people? As someone who has spent 10 years working in Junior Achievement and Big Brother programs I understand that being in a child's life is a big commitment, but even a little time can mean the world to a kid. You and OP are exactly what is wrong with this country, nobody wants to share anymore, nobody wants to put the time in to help out their community, their neighbors, their BEST FUCKING friend.

OMG, this dude might have to involve one other kid with his kids activities, and then his poor precious little snowflakes may have to learn empathy and the importance of a community approach to raising children.

I'm so passionate about this because my parents did it. One of our childhood friends father walked out on the family at a young age, his mother worked a job that required her to travel quite a bit. He stayed with us, sometimes for weeks at a time. When she moved in high school, when he was a junior, he was devastated that she would have to leave all his friends behind. My parents let him live with us for two years. It cost them a tremendous amount of time, money, and resources that they probably could have used on their 3 children, but in the end, he is one of our closest friends, graduated with honors on an athletic scholarship from the University of Maryland and is a successful businessman. He credits my parents involvement as the only thing that kept him off the streets. He bought my dad a new car a few years ago. I know not every story will end up like this and my parents probably never expected to gain anything out of that sacrifice, but jesus fucking christ, be a person and help out with a kid. Fuck all of you downvote me.

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