What is British people's attitude to handshakes?

Don't listen to people on here, they're weird introverts and don't represent most people.

Handshakes aren't as common here as some countries. I have friends from the Middle East who I will shake hands with every time I see them, and I have a Polish colleague who will shake the hands of everyone in the office in the morning, but neither would be particularly common between Brits themselves. In my experience handshakes here are normally reserved for business or when you are formally being introduced to someone (think "John, this is Steve, Steve this is John" kind of thing). Less formal introductions might sometimes come with a handshake but generally British people tend to avoid proper introductions unless it's necessary, as in you might find yourself talking to someone all night without actually knowing their name (as they're leaving: "oh, my names John by the way" awkward laughter).

So basically: handshakes are still a thing here but there's fewer opportunities for them compared to elsewhere as people tend to avoid proper introductions.

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