AITA for kicking my DIL out of my house after she asked my friend to leave?

NTA I'm pretty sure you made another post from a different account about your DIL wanting you to watch her kids a few days/weeks ago. In that post you asked if you would be the asshole if you refuse and u had some pretty good reasons for that. U said DIL forbid u to invite your friends to your own house (wtf?) while her kids are there coz she didn't like them. Also that the kids are on some weird extremely strick diet only because DIL wants them to, not because of some allergy or illness and she wants you to accommodate to that. There was more than that but now I don't remember everything. I'm quite shock that you agreed to watch the kids. If that post is still online you should post a link in edit. It's a lot easier to make a judgment with that knowledge. I think that "beggars can't be choosers" apply greatly to this scenario. Good for u for kicking her out. She seems extremely entitled. Don't let anyone walk over you, especially in your house. It's your house and you have every right to invite your friends for as long as you want. DIL crossed a line while asking your friend to leave.

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