What can I do to be more attractive to people?

Rule #1 Look Attractive. If you look attractive, potential mates will engage you.

This is seen in many animals, like the peacock! Survival of the fittest! Pick the high hanging fruit.

No one on 'self improvement' like sub reddits like hearing this brutal reality. I'll probably get downvoted but whatever.

Buddy of mine is legit paid male model and I've done some modeling in my early days. Girls will drop everything there doing and walk straight up to me or us, everywhere. Any store, bar, club, park, college. (Grain of salt that)

There's a reason extremely good looking people have mental tendencies like narcissists. We are put on a high horse most our whole life, it makes us lazy in regards to trying to improve other personality traits that need improvement.

Your 5 8 and 140lbs. Crank it up to 155lbs and get a body like a male model. People are shallow. Looks mean the most, that is why women spend hours on make-up and there is an industry for implants... Every guy wants a girl with a bubble butt and big tits. Every girl wants a tall muscular guy to protect her.

Those who are way too far out of the game, I'm talking like your 250lb neckbeard nerd, will counter my idea of appearance being the most important aspect when attracting mates. They are in denial because they have zero confidence to improve there current state. Reddit seems to have many here.

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