What was the creepiest encounter you’ve ever had, paranormal or not?

I attended a very small, private, religous school when I was younger. I wasn't aware of it then, but it was a confirrmed cult. I had always felt like the counsler and one of my teachers were stalking me. Again, I was younger, so I didn't really know they were, I just felt like they were very... consumed? with me. Long story short, they had gotten a few students to pretend to be my friends. They would give the counsler and teacher the information I'd tell them. Once they I guess felt was the right time, they trapped me in the counslers room, stole my phone so I couldn't contact my parent and assaulted me.

While that was creepy and traumatizing, that isn't even the creepiest aspect. This semester, at my university, a similar thing happened. I had become close with a professor, they listened to me vent and would offer my advice. They're the only adult figure besides my parents and therapist that I had told about what happened at the school. Then the last day of the semester occured and they basically replicated what had happened previously and assaulted me.

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