What do you think dva's animated short will be?

  1. Starcraft 4's 3 year birthday is here, and to celebrate a massive LAN is being hosted in the city of Hanamura, and who else would be present but D.VA herself. The event is swift and before night falls the finals have already begun. Nobody has ever come close to what D.VA achieved, but if anyone is to come close it would be none other than xXx_AzZP0UnD3R6969_xXx. The match begins and is quickly swayed towards D.VA's advantage. The crowd screams out with every inch closer to victory she climbs.

An alert plays. A siren, a warning of a nearby threat. A silent Torbjorn pondering the game at the back of the ground rushes out of the back door to investigate the situation, only to rush back demanding everyone to flee. The omnic's have arrived. It was inevitable but it couldn't stop the hearts of the brave Starcraft crowd and Korean locals. In a last ditch attempt to save who he could, D.VA is thrown over the shoulder of Torbjorn and rushed to his apartment, where hes lived for the past 2 days to watch the tournament.

Infuriated, D.VA demands to fight. She demands Torbjorn to help her fight. But they both must be patient. Time passes and the city is engulfed in rubble.

"Be patient, young one." A distraught dwarf mumbles to a broken teenager.

"I will help you fight."


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